Paratrooper Game In Scratch

I used the Scratch programing language to remake a version of the Paratrooper game that I used to play in the ’90s. I think it’s pretty cool. Left and Right arrow keys to aim gun. Space bar to shoot. Don’t run out of Ammo! If you run out of the first 60 bullets, you will… Read More »

Number Guessing Game – Python Code

I modified one version of the fairly common Number Guessing game written in Python. Features: Play against computer Computer adjusts to each wrong guess Possible bugs/improvements You can deliberately guess too high to mislead the computer – fixed in v.3. This is no longer possible. Can be improved to have several rounds and keep track… Read More »

Telephone – A Short Story

“Hello,” said Geoffrey. “Who?…I don’t know who Lucy is…No, this is my number, not Lucy’s.” Miriam was a bit unhappy. She was feeling butterflies in her stomach. She remained silent the rest of the ride home. Geoffrey noticed the drop in the levels of conversation, but he did not ask Miriam about it. When they… Read More »